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For fans of Ken from Laruku

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Laruku CD plus VCD for Auction [15 Oct 2009|04:53pm]

I am selling The Best of L'Arc-en-Ciel 1994-1998 on ebay. Please see my listing for details! It comes with a VCD of promotional videos. Bidding ends soon, so please take a look if you are interested!

First album: IN PHYSICAL [29 Jan 2009|08:10pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Release: 22th April 2009

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DS: L'Arc~en~Ciel Merch [20 Jan 2009|03:26am]

Please take a look at these Laruku items!!! They must go ASAP.

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I accept Paypal or money order. Shipping is $7 for most things in the US, except calendar (and other heavier items). I can ship worldwide too.

Please feel free to email me at aznsandwich@yahoo.com for buying, question, etc. You can reply here too.

Please check my feedback at larukunohyde and other items for sale. Thank you!! xoxo

[scans] GiGS Feb. 2009 [12 Jan 2009|11:26pm]

Do you like Ken scans? I like Ken scans! So here are his pictures from the Feb 2009 issue of GiGS. Sorry that I still can't get the full pages to work, but the pictures are gorgeous and there are a couple other interesting things too. Hope you enjoy them! ^^

Looots of Ken under here...Collapse )
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4 wallpapers [26 Sep 2008|03:54am]

i made four wallpapers, one ken and 3 SOAP, which you can find here:

they're not the greatest, but hopefully there will be at least one you can enjoy!

[scans] Ongaku to Hito Sept. 2008 [06 Sep 2008|04:59pm]

It makes me sad that this comm is so quiet, so I'm posting some new scans here. This photoshoot also features miya from MUCC! <3

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Full-size scans are zipped and uploaded here. ^^

Ken is also in the October issue of Ongaku to Hito, so hopefully I'll be getting that soon. *is a Ken junkie* xD
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Update No.3 [first here] [05 Jun 2008|12:38pm]

Hello, first time posting in this community. I'm posting up lots of my older works, and I have lots of Laruku/ken releated icons. =)
[*note: all ken icons are under L'Arc~en~Ciel*]

Chae Yeon [03]
Jang Geun Suk [03]
L'Arc~en~Ciel [20]
Nami Tamaki [07]
Super Junior [03]

DBSK [1]
Super Junior [1]


( cut here )

ken fanart [25 Jul 2007|05:42pm]

It's not as if someone as frequently and extensively photographed as ken actually needs any fanart, but eh. This is just a quick bit of self-indulgence, but maybe someone else will enjoy it too.

Oh yeah in case it matters, the picture's more old-school then not. As in, the hair's not, but the makeup sort of is. Maybe stylist-san just went a little overboard. God knows it's happened often enough.

ken fanart; large image sizeCollapse )
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Ken gifs~ [15 Jul 2007|11:10pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Just thought some of you might be interested. :D

x23 Super Junior
x8 Gyaruru

x5 Ken Kitamura

total = 36


Over here at ohmyjuriet!

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Lyrics for Red Sky [03 Sep 2006|08:56pm]

Hi, I've asked this over at Pieces but I figured someone might be able to help me out here too. Does anyone have a translation of Red Sky and could give it to me? I'm thinking of doing a fanvid to it but I don't know Japanese XD;; If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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